RARE: Stories of Dis-ease is a co-production between Sod House Theatre and the University of Minnesota's Center for Orphan Drug Research. A Greek chorus of physicians tell the dual inter-woven stories of modern patients dealing with rare diseases and Sophocles' tragedy of Philoctetes; a Greek warrior abandoned by Odysseus on the way to Troy when a foot injury they can't heal causes the crew to tire of his cries of pain. Each performance culminated with an on-stage discussion by a panel of doctors, researchers, patients with rare diseases, and their caregivers. The production toured the upper Midwest, photos are from the premier production at the Capri Theatre in Minneapolis.
Directed by Luverne Seifert
Written by Kevin Kling
Music Composition by Jenna Wyse
Choreography by Juliana Johnson and Patrick Jeffrey
Scenic Design by Justin Hooper
Costume Design by Rhiannon Fiskradatz
Sound Design by Dan Dukich
Lighting Design by Alex Clark
Photos by Alex Clark

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