I am fascinated by light. Light is a necessary component to the most detailed sense we have for perceiving the world around us. The inherent power in altering that perception is astounding. As a lighting designer I often feel like a painter or sculptor; revealing the quality of a scene with shaped and colored light. As a photographer I discover and capture the ways light reveals the most interesting aspects of a scene.
Initially my work as a lighting designer inspired and informed my photography. Through the lens of my camera I explore the ways light reveals the natural beauty of the world around me. As I’ve gone further down that path my photography has begun to inspire my lighting design as well. Approaching a scene as a photographer has given me a refined sense of artistic vision and composition I feel I did not have before. Photographing my own shows has become a ritual through which I become more critical of my own work, forcing me to refine and improve everything I do.
I am also a highly technical and analytical person. This blending of the analytical and artistic portions of my brain is I think what led me to lighting in the first place. It is a field where I can use technology to create art. It also means I am equally comfortable with the technological aspects of lighting as I am with the artistic.
I have an MFA in lighting design and technology from the University of Minnesota's Department of Theatre and Dance. I work in the Twin Cities are as a lighting designer, programmer, projection designer, photographer, and videographer.   
To contact Alex about work please e-mail: alex@clarklighting.net

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